Coco Mbassi is a singer originating from Cameroon. Her music is a subtle blend of African roots, classical music, jazz and gospel, along with the modern feeling of acoustic soul music, which she mostly composes herself and co-produces with her husband Serge Ngando Mpondo.

Winner of the Radio France International Découvertes Contest in 1996, winner of the German World Music CD Critics Award in 2001 and nominated for the BBC World Music Awards 2002 for her first album « SEPIA », the singer has toured worldwide with her band, in the most prestigious venues and festivals some of the highlights of which was the Eden Project Live 8 Concert 2005, organised by Peter Gabriel, and many more : Louisiana International Festival, Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, Normandy, France, Festival d’Eté in Montréal and Nuits d’Afrique in Québec…

Coco started singing as a child and was exposed to an eclectic array of music from Handel’s Messiah to the Jackson Five’s hits,  and traditional Ambass Bey rhythms and songs.
Once in Paris, after university, she started singing as a backing vocalist live and in recording sessions. She also collaborated in various contemporary classical, pop and gospel projects and was the main lead singer for Cirque du Soleil’s show Totem for a short period of time.

She has recorded three albums, SEPIA (2001), SISEA (2003), JÓA (2014) and a live DVD, Coco Mbassi Tour in 2005.

She describes her music as a « tree with deep African roots and branches that extend some towards classical music, some towards soul, gospel and jazz, and others towards Latin music and even pop music ». Her Christian faith and her love for the human soul exude from every note of her soulful voice.

“Let’s talk about African identities instead especially in these times that seem to be characterised by rising nationalistic and tribalistic movements”

FB: therealcocombassi
Twitter: @cocombassi